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This will be long because I will be covering everything since 2011, so let us review together my DeviantArt past...

The Pencil Age
Start: Anime Practice
Ended: What Face Do U Feel Liek?
Highlight: Crying Girl on Penthouse
This may be my best group of work on my DeviantArt unfortunately, I knew how I wanted to draw, cute, chibi-looking characters, I wasn't even being close to good, but I was better than I am now... It started with my absolutely best drawing on here Anime Practice, which was technically the first appearance of S - the character that portrays myself, the picture, being my best, is the one I use for most of my social media profile pictures. I then moved onto doing coloured art like Girl (Coloured), School Art Project, and Srsly Bunneh, which were my first coloured pictures and my last coloured pen/pencil sketches, the pencil age is also when I introduced Doodles to the internet for the first time, before then, the Doodles were just kinda there gathering dust, now they're a major part of my DeviantArt account.

The Decision Stage
Start: A Base
Ended: HeavyHearted
Highlight: Epic T-Shirt Design
After my scanner stopped working, I could no longer use it for my DeviantArt, so I had to find a new style of artwork, so I tried Bases, Screenshot Editing, Anime, and Minecraft Screenshots, but I could never get anywhere with it, eventually, I got my scanner working again for a little longer, but at that time, I lost my ability to want to do that artwork, it was around this time, my friend HummingWind created both my main characters, Yata (now known as "Sean") and Suzy, eventually, we collabed with one another and I redesigned his character for me of which I have been using ever since.

The Suzy Stage
Start: HeavyHearted
Ended: Susanne and Friends pg. 8 - Going Shopping
Highlight: Susanne
This is definitely one of my longer stages of story, this is just the time I was drawing Suzy in almost everything, during this stage, Susanne (Suzy) was supposed to be me, so if I was sad, so was Suzy, if I was disappointed in my art, so was Suzy, if I was happy, you guessed it, so was Suzy, this is also the stage I created my first DeviantArt comic Susanne and Friends, which was also my first experience with the TF community, a lot of the people I talked to at the time enjoyed the comic, but due to lack of time to do it, it hasn't been worked on in a few years, I do plan to work on it more... just when I have more time to do it... Another thing I decided to do was have fun with Suzy and pair her up with her male counterpart, Sean, I'm not into the concept of love, but the pictures were fun to draw, no matter how bad they were.

Start: Dots pg. 1 - Piolet
Ended: Dots pg. 16 - Yellow
Highlight: Stress
During this stage, I created my filler comic, Dots, which was just something I did because I didn't have time to do Susanne and Friends because school was getting in the way, and funny enough, Dots stopped due to school getting in the way.

Microsoft Paint Semi-Stage
Start: Puppet Birthday
Ended: R.I.P.
Highlight: Dance Party
There isn't much I can say about this stage... This was around the time where I was putting out a picture every month or so, this was the time I introduced the Sista-Doodles in my Doodles series - I also had a family funeral during this time.

The No Art Stage
Start: Which IMVU Character Should I Get?
Ended: Forever Alone
Highlight: Ultimate Grilled Cheese
For the majority of this stage, I did Screenshots, IMVU, and Pictures with the occasional drawing but there wasn't that many of them because... you guessed it... school, at this time, this is actually the time where my life went downhill, the lack of time caused intense stress, intense stress caused a lot of darker thoughts, so I'm actually really glad I didn't post any drawings at the time...

Transformation Phase
Start: TG Transformation
Ended: My Second Meme Filled Out
Highlight: Sink Ship
A lot of the "No Art Stage" leaked into this stage, as school still had my time wrapped up pretty tightly, however I did have the ability to start an interesting comic that I almost immediately stopped working on due to rushed story, lack of character development, and no longer having my heart into it, but I did do something for the TG, and ABDL communities and later, I'd go onto something that would return me to this stage.

Doodles Online Card Game Stage
Start: Doodles Online Card Game Comic pg. 1 - Introduction
Ended: Doodles Online Card Game Comic pg. 11 - Doodle's Turn
Highlight: A True Story
Yet another stage where I started and ended a comic due to reasons, this time it was due to me making the comic out-of-date, around this time I was also having a lot of problems with life and having trouble online so, of course, I didn't post a whole lot during this stage either.

The Reintroduction of S and the Doodles
Start: Gangsta Creeper
Ended: Good Morning
Highlight: The Doodle Girls
During this stage I needed to reinvent my artwork, the lack of art work from the Dots stage to the Doodles Online Card Game stage, it started by recreating my Doodles Comic by turning it into an incomplete piece of work, that eventually I'll be getting back to. I also recreated S, the character became the character that represents me in real life, and Suzy became the inner mental me, also, at this time, Sid, a character introduced in Susanne and Friends gained a twin sister named Sammy who will be seen more often than Sid honestly.

The Doodle Screenshot Age
Start: Thank Yew
Ended: I Haven't Been in a Terribly Good Mood Today...
Highlight: That Feel When...
Another uneventful stage of my DeviantAccount. The few bits of events started when I was given 24 points from a Deviant called Cogetta other things worth mentioning would be Murphy's Law tormenting me for a whole month, Christmas, and I tried strangling myself with a clothes hanger. But other than that, nothing new...

S and Suzy Stage
Start: Happy 2014
Ended: Doodle's World?
Highlight: 2014 ID
This stage started when this year hit. I started playing Alice: Madness Returns and freaking out every second then, I started yet another comic...

Transformation Poker Game
Start: Transformation Poker Game Beta 1
Ended: Transformation Poker Game 8
Highlight: Transformation Poker
This whole phase of DeviantArt was a game. A game I hope I can start doing again.

Creative Phase
Start: The Livestream Schedual
Ended: I Blame Dinnerbone
Highlight: OBJECTION!
This was the time I started my Livestream channel and then stopped it due to the fact I was sick and couldn't do it anymore.

Gender Dysphoria
Start: Ranma and Hazumu
Highlight: Gender Dysphoria
Aaand now we're here. I find that I may suffer from Gender Dysphoria because the symptom list includes disgust at their own genitalia, social isolation from their peers, anxiety, loneliness and depression, increased risk for stress, isolation, anxiety, depression, poor self-esteem and suicide which is what I found I have...

This'll be updated the more my DeviantArt goes along... but thanks for reading


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